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Chem-Trails, GMOs and Extreme Weather Events

By Theodora Filis

Clearly something is up. On News Years Eve, 2011, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission reported that over 1,000 Black birds fell from the sky at around 11:30pm. Wildlife officials said the dead birds were a result of stress from New Years Eve fireworks. The birds fell over a one mile area just outside the city of Beebe, Arkansas, and most of the birds were dead when officers arrived. Did you hear about it? In the same year, 200 cows were found dead in a Wisconsin field:
“Wisconsin is cow country, so where was the big-headline-media scare? The veterinarian said he suspected the cause to be IBR/BVD virus. Authorities say there was no threat to humans or other animals. I don’t know if I can agree given all the other mass animal deaths recently.
I guess this is another one of those look-away-folks, nothing-to-see-here-folks, move-along-now-folks explanations. DHS [Department of Homeland Security] is usually changing warning color charts and waving the fear-factor flag on n…