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US Forces GM Seeds Into The Hands Of European Farmers

By Theodora Filis

On February 10, 2011, Miriam E. Sapiro, Deputy US Trade Representative, urged the European Commission to break its longstanding impass blocking genetically 
modified foods.

For the US, genetically modified (GM) seeds offer huge financial benefits over traditional seeds because GM seeds are patented, therefore, making it illegal for a farmer to retain seed from this year's crop to plant next year.

"When Europeans come to the United States, they come and enjoy our cuisine with no concerns whatsoever," Sapiro said ahead of talks with European Union trade commissioner Karel De Gucht's.

A key component of the US plan to dominate world agriculture with GM seeds is the absence of labeling of GM foods.

All US foods must carry labels listing the ingredients: salt, sugar, water, vitamins, additives, etc. However, the FDA, USDA, and EPA, have ruled that GM foods deserve an exception. They can be sold without being labeled "genetically modified."

No labeling…