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A Sobering Look At The Year We Left Behind

By Theodora Filis

As we take a sobering look at the year we're leaving behind, let us also take a moment to remember those who have perished in this year's floods, scorching heat and freezing cold.
Nineteen nations set new temperature records this year marking 2010 as the warmest year the earth has yet recorded.
Dozens of people have been killed and thousands have had to abandon their homes as floods and mudslides ravaged Colombia,Venezuela, Australia, Britain and the US this month. In the central highlands of Colombia, rainfall was more than double the average of 3.5 inches. Record rains throughout the state of California have caused major damage, prompting evacuations in some areas and shutting down busy freeways
Forecasters predict that this December is likely to become the wettest on record for the region. In less than a week, downtown Los Angeles has already had a third of its average annual rainfall.
Within the first days of 2010, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil suffered mudslides tha…