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Showing posts from February 10, 2011

Are We Fracking Around With Our Drinking Water?

By Theodora Filis

Actor Mark Rufflao, inadvertently, increased the public's awareness of hydraulic fracturing when Pennsylvania's Office of Homeland Security placed him on a terror watch list while he was promoting “Gasland” a documentary by Josh Fox, on the purported dangers of hydraulic fracturing or “fracking”.

Fracking is currently used in 90 percent of the nation’s natural gas and oil wells. The practice makes drilling possible in areas that 10 to 20 years ago would not have been profitable.

Fracking involves injecting water, sand, and a cocktail of chemicals at high pressure into rock formations thousands of feet below the surface. This opens existing fractures in the rock and allows gas to rise through the wells. Many of the chemicals used in shale gas drilling, such as benzene, are hazardous. Long-term exposure to such chemicals can have serious health consequences.

Because the federal Energy Policy Act of 2005 exempted hydraulic fracturing from regulation under the Sa…

Microwave Ovens. Millions Use Them, But Should They?

By Theodora Filis

An estimated 90% of American families have microwave ovens and use them daily for everything from heating up their baby’s bottle to meal preparation. Marketed as safe, efficient, and a more convenient way of preparing food, compared to conventional ovens, daily millions use them. Indeed, most could not imagine life without one. Researchers though found harmful side effects of consuming microwaved food: o Toxic chemicals contained in the packaging of microwave dinners, pizzas, chips and popcorn can leak into the food. o One of the worst contaminants – BPA (Bisphenol A) – can leak out of plastic products that are put in microwave-ovens together with food. o Minerals in vegetables are changed into cancerous free radicals when exposed to microwaves. The process for microwave cooking was 1st patented in 1945. The first commercially available microwave oven (the Radarange) was produced in 1947, and the percentage of microwave ovens in households has increased ever since. Russian …