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Close Ties With Monsanto Makes Selling GMOs Very Easy

By Theodora Filis, Environmental Journalist

A recent report claims that, Walmart, a US multinational retail corporation that runs large discount department stores and warehouse stores, is set to sell a new form of genetically-engineered (GE) sweet corn as early as this summer.

Monsanto’s Bt sweet corn contains three GE traits that have never before been consumed directly by humans, and have not been subjected to thorough safety testing. There will be no labeling telling consumers that the corn is a GMO (genetically modified organism), or that Monsanto’s GMO corn has been tied to numerous health issues, including organ disruption.
Petitions urging Walmart to drop or label the Bt corn as GE are being circulated in the hope that Walmart will refuse to sell the Bt sweet corn, and that other food retailers will follow.
Half of all US farms growing corn for Monsanto are using genetically modified corn, and most of it is intended for human consumption, and will be sold to consumers as whole ears…