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Much of the World Requires Labeling & Banning of GMOs, Why Not The United States?

By Theodora Filis

Recently, a committee made up of members of the US House of Representatives passed a bill allowing genetically modified crops (GMOs) to continue to be used on American farmland. These patented seeds are owned by biotech giants like Monsanto and Dupont, who claim their seeds help provide US consumers with an “abundant and reliable food supply” while remaining competitive in the world market.
According to Bloomberg Business, the one-paragraph provision to the 90-page bill, which is headed to the full House for consideration, will "circumvent legal obstacles that have slowed commercialization of engineered crops, sometimes for years, benefiting Monsanto, the world’s largest seed company. Planting would be permitted until USDA completes any analysis required by a judge."
Most of the World Already Requires Labeling of GMOs. What Do They Know That US Consumers Don't?
Monsanto is well known for their company's heated stance against small scale farmers, threat…