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Writing the Wrongs of Nina V. Fedoroff's NY Times Op-ed

By Theodora Filis

On August 18, 2011 the New York Times posted an article by Nina V. Fedoroff in their op-ed section. The article was titled “Engineering Food for All” and another version of this op-ed appeared in print on August 19, 2011, on page A23, of the New York edition with the same headline.

In her article, Fedoroff, uses three main points to secure her “argument” in favor of biotechnology, and genetic modification; solving world hunger and the population growth; genetically modified crops that contain an “extra” gene that is good for the environment; and how the US government needs to “stop regulating genetic modifications for which there is no scientifically credible evidence of harm”.

Let me get right into it without any further mention of Fedoroff's attempt at persuading the readers of the NY Times that genetically modified “Frankenfoods” will feed the world and save the US from financial ruin.

Monsanto and the biotech industry are lying when it advertises that biotech…